When working with children and teens, I understand that parents are a vital component to achieving growth.

I work closely with you as I learn more about what your child is trying to communicate and achieve. I believe in order to survive and flourish, children and teens must master each of the crucial C’s: Courage, Connection, Capable, and Count.

For children under 12, I meet with you (parent) initially for an intake session to set goals and learn more about your child’s unique personality and needs. In subsequent sessions with your child, I will work together with your child to develop new strategies and skills to strengthen their ability to self regulate and handle stressors. I find the use of play therapy, art therapy and talk therapy to be highly effective with children. I will typically bring you into the session the last 10-15 minutes to discuss any strategies, updated goals, and/or concerns. Therapy can also be preventative for children in many ways, and some parents choose this route to set their child up for emotional success at an early age.

For teens, I use talk therapy combined with Dr. Brené Brown’s work, The Daring Way™, to facilitate growth and awareness.

Teens greatly benefit from having an objective, accepting place to share their innermost thoughts and worries. I approach teens with unconditional acceptance combined with a bit of humor to help them feel comfortable sharing.